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2021 – Funding opportunities for private hospitals and medical clinics

Given the current context and the growing need for high-performance medical services, the OMEGA Consulting team presents the funding opportunities dedicated to the operators of private hospitals / medical clinics.

If you plan an investment of at least EUR 1 million for the construction or rental of space and the purchase of medical equipment, the state aid scheme issued under Government Decision. No. 807/2014 is an excellent opportunity. The program is addressed to both existing and newly established companies.

The average annual budget of the scheme is LEI 638 million (approx. EUR 145 million), allowing the funding of both large and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including newly established enterprises.

Through the project, a new private hospital unit can be built a new unit/hospital, it can also procure new medical equipment and devices and software, patents, licenses, know-how or intellectual property rights needed to extend its existing activity or start a new medical unit.

A wide range of medical equipment can be procured through the scheme, such as specialized medical devices, instruments and facilities for ophthalmology, ORL, physiotherapy, medical tests, health care (sterilization, disinfection), diagnosis, surgery, resuscitation, radiology, and so on.

At this moment, the state aid scheme is one of the important financing options for stimulating investments with a major impact in the Romanian economy. The fairly broad addressability of eligible expenditure, together with the maximum level of state aid per project, which can reach up to EUR 37,5 million, as well as a co-financing of 50% (for the most regions of the country) out of the overall investment value are key  elements that make this scheme so interesting in the next period.

More information about this program can be found in this presentation.


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