Management Consulting Services

Business-plan elaboration

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team with proven experience, we are able to develop business plans for both companies that are already in the markets in which they operate, as well as for entrepreneurs with new business ideas. We also have rich experience in building business plans to support investments based on bank loans or non-repayable funds. Our objective is to offer business plans that support the long-term viable economic development of our clients.

Feasibility studies elaboration

The elaboration of the feasibility studies is carried out by our team taking into account both the needs of the client and the national regulations. Our services cover absolutely all areas relevant to the preparation of the technical-administrative and financial documents of the client's investment.

Strategies and market studies preparation

Our experience in marketing consulting is valuable for our clients. Our goal is to prepare and develop a well-defined marketing strategy to establish the company's position in the marketing segment. When delivering specific market analysis, our consultants use different industry analysis, competitive analysis or target market analysis. Our market studies have been successful in justifying the client's investment needs, being part of complex applications such as those developed under the European Funds, Norwegian and EEA Funds or State Aid Programs.

Let’s begin!

If you want to grow your business by accessing non-refundable funds or you want other consulting services, you can contact one of our consultants.