Non-refundable Financing Consultancy

Identifying the best eligible financing options

Omega Consulting assists its clients throughout the entire process of project development, from the early stage of the project idea to the implementation and post-implementation process. Our company offers exhaustive support throughout the entire counseling process, ensuring that the project has the highest chances of success. That being said, the following aspects are analyzed in a complex and professional way:

Project idea;

Beneficiary company (history, background, company profile, etc.);

Specific requirements of the financing program viable for the idea.

After this analysis, a draft project is elaborated in which the situation of the project idea is presented - eligible or ineligible, together with the level of competitiveness (estimated score). We offer continuing technical assistance services only if the project is evaluated eligible and competitive.

Preparing the application and the necessary specific documents (financing applications, business plans, feasibility studies, etc.)

After identifying the eligible status of the project, the preparation of the application form is started to be written and the total value of the project is estimated based on the maximum amount that can be obtained. Subsequently, a detailed breakdown of the budget and investment is presented to the client, as well as a specific list of the information that they must make available.

Thus, with a proactive approach and an attitude described by direct and involved participation, we are able to prepare the deliverables in a timely manner, according to the requirements of the program.

Complete assistance throughout the evaluation stages

After preparing the necessary documents (form, business plan, feasibility study, etc.), we offer support in submitting the application in order to be evaluated by the Evaluation Commission.

Correspondence and communication with public authorities

During all these steps, we facilitate the communication of our clients with the public authorities (managing authorities, intermediary bodies, national or regional agencies, public authorities with control powers, etc.). We prepare additional documents requested by them, answer technical questions addressed to the beneficiary or make any other deliverables related to the communication process.

Increasing the visibility of the project

During the implementation of the project, we also take part in the process of information and publicity activities, in accordance with the rules imposed by the Visual Identity Manual of the Financing Program.

Complete implementation services (project management, financial services, public procurement, monitoring and reporting)

After project approval, obtaining financing requires implementation in the time allowed (period of implementation). This stage is the most complex part of the financing consultancy process due to the relatively long period of time, as well as the level of expertise required.

Within this stage of the project we offer:

project management services, including financial management services (repayment, purchases, etc.);

permanent monitoring of the project;

elaboration of progress reports;

we ensure that the project is implemented according to the approved implementation plan and that all the contractual financing obligations are fulfilled.

Our team of public procurement experts and consultants efficiently and professionally manages the procurement plan as well as all payment requests and adjacent financial services to support the repayment process.

Long term assistance

After implementing the project and obtaining the grant, we will assist in all the management, writing and submission of implementation and sustainability reports.

Let’s begin!

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