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2020 – The Year of Grants for Large Companies

OMEGA Consulting announces 2020 to being a beneficial period for investments of large companies in Romania. The financing opportunities are extremely favorable to the industrial sector and to large companies.

Due to a well-established commercial history and a historical luggage already visible in the public context, large companies are already operating on mature and stable markets. This can produce the situation in which they may have an astonishing flexibility in repositioning from a mature market, to a market with a much higher growth potential.

2020 presents 4 great financing opportunities for companies with more than 250 employees:

I. State Aid Scheme regulated by H.G. 807/2014

II. State Aid Scheme regulated by H.G. 332/2014

III. Norwegian Funds – Green Innovation in Industry

IV. Norwegian Funds – Energy Efficiency.

I. The State Aid Scheme H.G. 807/2014 has the objective of regional development through initial investments in fixed assets of high technology for the realization of high added value products. Therefore, the following are being financed:

  • the acquisition of technical installations, machines and equipment;
  • constructions;
  • expenses with the rent of the constructions related to the initial investment

The value of the minimum investment financed by this aid scheme is 1 million EUR, so this measure is addressed mainly to large companies. The maximum level of  the state aid scheme which a large company can benefit from is 37,5 million. EUR, and the intensity reaches a maximum of 50% of the total investments.

II. G. 332/2014 is a state aid scheme for investments that support the promotion of regional progress through new job creation in the almos al sectors of activityr. Therefore, the only eligible expenses are, in an exclusively way, the wage costs related to the jobs directly created by the investment project.

The maximum grant which large enterprises can benefit from is 37.5 million EUR for less developed regions, with an intensity of 50%, and the grant for the more developed regions – Bucharest – is only 7,5 mil. EUR with an intensity of 15%.

Norwegian funds have two financing calls that can be accessed by large companies. They regulate investments in the following areas of interest: Green Industry Innovation and Energy Efficiency.

III. The official calendar of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021 with the area of ​​interest in Green Industry Innvation announces the opening of the financing call in the first quarter of 2020. This scheme will provide financial assistance for the projects that will develop and implement activities that request grants for:

The main eligible expenses categories included in this line of financing are:

  • The cost of staff assignet to the project; actual salaries plus social security charges and other statutory costs included in the remuneration;
  • costs of new or second-hand equipment.

IV. If the first Norwegian line of financing sustains the implementation of innovative environmental friendly technologies and green products, the second scheme, with an opened call until the end of Q1 of 2020, will support the following areas of interest:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy efficiency in industry;
  • Energy efficiency in the infrastructure;
  • Energy performance of products;
  • Energy efficiency in the transport sector.

An important factor for this funding programme are the outcome indicators as well the output indicators:

  • Outcome indicators
    • Estimated annual estimated reduction of CO2 emissions (CO2 tonnage);
    • Estimated annual reduction of electricity consumption (MWh);
    • Monetary annual savings from energy efficiency measures (EUR);
  • Output indicators.
    • Energy efficiency measures implemented for buildings;
    • Energy efficiency measures implemented for industrial processes;
    • Energy efficiency measures implemented in the transport sector;
    • Energy performance measures implemented for products;
    • Energy efficiency measures implemented for infrastructure;
    • Other energy efficiency measures implemented.

The maximum grant of the Norwegian Funds with the two financing lines is 2 mil. EUR, the intensity of them being set according to the region where the investment is made to. Therefore, we have the less developed regions with an intensity of up to 50% of the eligible costs, and we have the more developed regions with an intensity of 10% of the eligible costs – Bucharest region.

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