Funding Advisory Services

Identifying the right eligible funding options

We assist our clients from idea to post-implementation, by offering full support in analyzing, structuring, preparing and taking the right steps in order to maximize the project’s chances starting with its earliest stages. After a complex analysis that takes into account: the project’s idea, the company (history, background, profile, etc.) and the funding programme’s specific requirements, we present a project summary that refers to the eligibility (if the eligibility requirements are met) and competitiveness (the estimated score). We provide the other services only if the project is evaluated as eligible and competitive as part of this phase.

Preparing the application file and all the necessary documents (funding request, business plans, feasibility studies, etc.)

After we have identified an eligible and competitive project for our client we start preparing the application file and estimate the project overall value reported to the maximum amount that can be drawn. We present a detailed breakdown of the Applicant’s Guide to the client and a specific list of information that must be delivered to us. With a proactive approach and a hands-on attitude, we are able to prepare the specific deliverables on time and in accordance to the programme’s requirements.

Complete assistance during all evaluation phases

After preparing the specific documents requested by the Applicant’s Guide (Application Form, Business Plan, Feasibility Study, etc.) we offer support in submitting the application. After submission, the application is evaluated by an Evaluation Committee and most often additional information or clarifications are requested. We assist our clients in answering this requests in order to maximise the chances of  approval.

Correspondence & Communication with public authorities

During all project stages we support our clients in the communication process with the public management authorities that manage the funding programme. We thus prepare specific drafts, answers or other deliverables related to the communication process.

Increasing project visibility

During the implementation of the project we assist in performing the information and publicity activities in compliance with the rules set out in the visual identity manual of the Financing Programme.

Complete implementation services (project management, financial services, procurement, monitoring & reporting, etc.)

After the project is approved, in order the receive the requested grant, the Beneficiary must implement the project in the specified time-frame (implementation period). This is one of the most complex stages of the funding consultancy service as it usually covers a long period of time and requires a vast area of expertise. In this stage we offer our project management services, permanently monitoring the project, drafting progress reports and thus ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance to the approved implementation plan and that all the funding contractual obligations are met. We prepare the payment claims and the financial services associated to it in order to assure a lean reimbursement process. We have a good legal background in the field of public procurement that enables us to manage the project procurement plan. We also assist with the permanent monitoring, change management and reporting process form project start to end.

Durability assistance

After the project is implemented and the grant was received, we assist in managing, preparing and submitting the post-implementation and durability reports.