Consultancy Services

Preparing business plans

We offer our consultancy services for developing business plans for our clients. With a multidisciplinary team and a vast experience we can develop business plans for supporting the development of established companies or for start-ups and new business ideas. Our aim is to offer a business plan that supports the client’s development plans. We have experience in tailoring business plans for supporting investments with bank loans, assisting management decisions regarding new investments or for achieving non-reimbursable funding.

Preparing feasibility studies

We have experience in preparing feasibility studies in accordance with the national applicable regulations or in accordance with clients needs. Our services cover all the relevant areas in order to prepare a compliant document that supports the client’s technical and financial business needs.

Preparing market strategies and market studies

Our consultancy background in the marketing area is valuable for our clients. Our goal is to prepare and develop a well defined market strategy in order to provide a concrete positioning of the company to its market segment. When delivering specific market studies and analysis, our consultants use various industry analysis, competitive analysis or target market analysis. Our market studies were successful in justifying our client’s investment needs and were mostly part of more complex applications such as those developed within EU-Funds or State Aid programmes.